Double Ten National Day Celebration Fireworks in Taitung

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Posted on : 2017-07-28

Double Ten National Day Celebration Fireworks in Taitung
Traveling experts invite you to indulge in the coastal and mountainous beauty of Taitung.

It is the first time for Taitung to host the national day firework show. We have arranged special packages featuring the best tour guides, the most gorgeous sceneries, the most interesting activities at the most appealing price! We sincerely invite you to enjoy an extended stay in Taitung.a
I.      Event: Two one-day group tours led by bike traveling experts
II.    Time: October 10th and 11th 2017
III. Event detail:

(1)  Features:
Cultural and natural exploration through cycling vigorously, easy trip along Taitung City Loop Bike Lane, indigenous delicacies — Banaimi Restaurant, tea culture experiencing at the award-winning Jiafang Tea Farm in green valley, model of environmental conservation — Fushan Fish Recovery Area, first national day firework show in Taitung

(2) Itinerary:
0830-0950 Welcome guests — Taitung Train Station
1000-1230 Stroll along Taitung City Loop Bike Lane — Cycling trip led by expert (Taitung Sugar Cultural and Creative Park, Malan Station, Taiping Bridge, Liyushan, Tiehua Village and Hot Air Balloon Hallway, International Landmark, Flowing Lake, Taitung Forest Park)
1240-1330 Recharge energy — Indigenous lunch (Banai Restaurant)
1400-1520 Top bud and two leaves make good tea — Learn about tea culture in Jiafang Tea Farm (Pick tea leaves, enjoy hot tea and tea egg roll DIY activity)
1610-1700 Have fun where the sky meets the water — Fushan Fish Recovery Area
1730 - Call it a day full of happiness — Hotel check-in (or return home)

1900- Magnificent fireworks show lights up the sky — Shuttle service available to the  National Day Fireworks set-off location (fixed pickup point)
(3) Special offer: Participants of this event will receive a bag of Changbin Baxian Rice (1
kilogram) as a gift. Travelers who check in to any legally registered hotel or hostel in
Taitung on October 10 will get an additional Taitung Fun Travel Card. Hotel and hostel
receipt is required.

(4) Registration fee: One-day Tour special promotional price NTD$700 (original price

(5) Registration fee includes NT$2,000,000 Accident Insurance, NT$100,000 Travel Industry Liability Insurance, all listed transit fares, service fees to drivers and tour guides, lunch, bike rentals, admission fees or hands-on activities, and administration fees for registration-related services. (The organizer is responsible for part of the transit fares and travel subsidies.) Personal consumption expenditure is not included in the registration fee.

(6) Expert profile: Bicycle traveling expert A-Du (Ming-Jun Lin) is the most renowned
cycling tour guide in Taiwan for his in-depth yet fun touring services featuring exaggerated
facial expressions and vigorous tone. His clients all gave him incredible reviews, praising
his awesome touring service! A-Du’s store is also the first in Taiwan that offers touring and
bicycle rental service as a regular package. His innovative service model adds value to
bicycles, enabling them to be more than just a choice of vehicles. In fact, A-Du has created
an aspiring new market by bringing together humanity and cycling and leading travelers to
experience life and nature as a new sport.

IV. Additional promotion:

(1) Tours led by bicycle traveling expert:
1.A special promotional price NTD$100 applies to participants whose birthdays are on
October 9, 10 or 11. In addition, a half price discount (NTD$350) applies to their relatives
or friends joining the tour together.
2.A buy-one- get-one- free promotional deal applies to the first ten people who sign up for the
tour. Pay once and get one more person to tag along for free!
3.To encourage group registrations, special promotional deals for group registration are as
follows. Three sign-ups as a group gets one person free of charge; Five sign-ups as a
group gets two people free of charge; Ten sign-ups as a group gets five people free of
charge. (If more than one of the above mentioned three promotional criteria apply to the
same person, please choose one promotional deal only.)

(2) Embark on a Taitung Cycling Trip: During October 9 to October 11, all tours are 15% off
of the promotional price.
1.One-day independent tour promotional price NTD$650 (original price NTD$999)/ Special
discounted price NTD$553
2.One-day group tour promotional price NTD$850 (original price NTD$1499)/ Special
discounted price NTD$723
3.Two-day independent tour promotional price NTD$2300 (original price NTD$3300)/
Special discounted price NTD$1955
4. Two-day group tour promotional price NTD$2980 (original price NTD$4380)/ Special
discounted price NTD$2533