2017 Taitung Bike Tour is now available. We welcome your participation!

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Posted on : 2017-04-19

Taiwan has the reputation of being a "Kingdom of Bicycles" and cycling has now become a mainstream sport and the most popular low-carbon travel pattern all over Taiwan. Taitung was honored in 2011 as the most sportsloving and most sports-friendly city in Taiwan. To continue establishing a high-quality sports environment and promoting slow tourism, Taitung County has planned "2016 Taitung Bike Tour" as one subprogram of this year's Taiwan Cycling Festival which combines tourism with themed activities by seamless transfer service (public and tour buses). Besides joining theme-related activities, participants not only do exercise but also save energy and reduce carbon footprint at the same time!
Taitung Bike Tour now offers two different itineraries for Fun Tour and another two for Highlight Tour, each of which will run with a minimum of 1 person and ten persons or above as one group with the most favorable prices. Taitung Bike Tour is available from now until Nov. 15. Because all itineraries are limited to a certain number of persons, please register as soon as possible!