Touring by bicycle

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Posted on : 2017-04-19

The best time to visit :

Taitung is suitable for cycling all year-round and offers different natural and cultural scenery season to season.

Climate :

Located in the tropical zone, Taitung doesn’t have large temperature differences in the different seasons;in summer, temperatures of over 35 C can be experienced so be sure to take precautions against the sun and heat; in winter, Taitung offers the gentle warm winter sun.

Taitung County is called the “place that likes sports the most” and “the “place with the best sports environment” and has spared no effort in planning a variety of cycling paths that take in the blue ocean and lush green mountain scenery; the honest and uncomplicated people and the friendly shopkeepers who will keep you supplied along your journey await everyone who sets out to achieve their dream.

Ever journey is made up of different stories. Keep your feet on the ground, put your feet on the pedals and write your own real small but moving cycling story!