Luxurious enjoyment of mountain and ocean!

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Posted on : 2017-04-19

The azure ocean and the emerald mountains are a kind of luxurious enjoyment for the people of the north and west of Taiwan, however they are an everyday thing in Taitung. Guanshan Cycle Path is one of the best in Taiwan and is free from the noise and danger of vehicles traffic; Longtian, Chishang, Taitung City all have their own cycle path that present an abundance of natural and simple countryside scenes and make riding on them like riding through a cyclists’ paradise.

Encountering a golden scarecrow on Chishang’s Brown Avenue, seeming to hear Ara Kimbo’s loud and clear voice coming from Taimali’s Sunrise Park urging you on; the dreamlike coastal highway catching the wind of the ocean; meeting the dream-making stranger; everyone has their own way of fulfilling their dream. “There are some things that you will never do if you don’t do them now.”Are you ready for the next stage of the journey