Leisurely ride along a bicycle path

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Posted on : 2017-04-19

The fields of the rift valley are flat lush green or golden paddy fields and rape fields nurtured by the warm days of the Taitung winter, giving them a checkers board look, As you ride you will pass tree-shaded trails, rivers as well as forested mountains like emeralds.

Chishang Bicycle Trail

11.5 kilometers long, starting at Dapochi, going through the Green Tunnel, Dashuiche, along Jinxin 2nd Road to Qingjin Road

Guanshan Town Encircling Bicycle Trail

12 kilometers long, the cycle path circles Guanshan Township, starting from Guanshan Water Park, passing the railway station, Guanshan Township, the viewing pavilion and the mahogany tree area.

Luye Longtian Bicycle Trail

7.3 kilometers long, it starts at Luye and passes Longtian Elementary School, Kunci Temple, the Loquat plantation, pineapple plantation,and ends at Luye Gautai Tea Plantations.

Taitung Mountain/Ocean Bicycle Trail

This is 21 kilometers long, starting off at the old Taitung Railway Station, passing the Taitung Historical Rail , Taitung Sugar Refinery,Beinan Dam, Taitung Dike, Pipa Lake,The Sea Shore Park,Lusi Lake and Railway Artist Village.