Bicycle Paradise is in Taitung!

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Posted on : 2017-04-19

Cycling around Taiwan is the dream that many people have in thei youth but, like many ideals and things we are passionate about, they get pushed aside by the more important things in life. The film Island Etude tells the story of a hearing impaired soon-to-be university graduate Ming Xiang who takes leave from his school and sets off on a seven day, six night cycle trip around Taiwan; on his journey he meets various people and has different experiences, learning more about Taiwan and life on the way. Many cyclists dream of starting their trip at Taimali on the east coast after watching the first sun rays of the day in Taiwan and then finishing the trip watching the sunset on the west coast. A line in the film “There are some things that you will never do if you don’t do them now” has inspired many people to fulfill their dream of cycling around Taiwan.

Bicycles accompany us at different stages in our lives; we wrap our arms around our mother or father’s waist when we ride on the back of their bike when we are children ; when we are at school we make it through the gate just as the last ring of the bell to herald the start of the school day sounds; we rest our hands on our friend’s back as we hitch a ride on the back of their bike, we put our arms tightly around our lover’s waist or they put their arms around us as we ride along. Bicycles quietly accompanied many of us through the early part of our lives. By the way, how long is it since you rode a bike?