Taimali Aurora Garden Bike Trail

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Posted on : 2016-11-07


On the first day of 2000, a countdown to millennium concert was held on the beach of Taimali to celebrate the first dawn of the twenty first century. The Millennium Memorial Park was established short after the concert was regarded as a huge success. The park includes facilities such as the parking lot, stage for performances, resting pavilions, walking trails, a beach soccer field and the “First Dawn Memorial Wall” and “First Dawn Monument”.

Taimali in Paiwan language is Jabauli. Paiwan has it that the name was given after seeing the sun rises from sea level in the east. Namely, it is where the sun rises. Celebrating the first dawn in the hometown of sunrise has now become an indicative new year's eve celebration.  As construction of the facilities in the park is mostly completed, visitors can fully relax and have fun here.