Wuling Green Tunnel

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Posted on : 2016-11-07


Rift Valley
Wuling Green Tunnel was originally the Provincial Highway 9 Wuling Section. It is now Wuling Road which lasts 4.5 kilometers. Camphor trees and beefwoods create a green tunnel for cyclists to pedal at ease.

Visitors can enjoy a forest therapy the charming green trail offers with abundant phytoncide on foot or by bike. On weekdays when it is not packed with tourists and vehicles, the best thing to do is to lie down on the trail and enjoy sunlight shedding through leaves. Your mind and body will be immensely soothed.

You can also roam around the woods on a bike amidst nature, enjoying the refreshing aroma of the tea farms. Occasionally, you will find the sky dotted with paraglider. What a special way to experience the countryside! What are you waiting for? Come see this one-of-a-kind scenery for yourself!

※Photo taken before the typhoon