Donghe-Taiyuan Bike Trail

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Posted on : 2016-11-07


The scenery along Mawuku River is spectacular. You can observe wild Formosan macaques in Dengxian Bridge Recreation Area. Proceed to Taiyuan Valley, you will see the  extraordinary creation of the nature. Last but not least, Taiyuan Old Street is where you get to taste the old time classics.

Taiyuan Valley is a 4-kilometer long  area between the coast and Huatung Valley surrounded by mountains. River erosion makes it a gorge. Steep slopes and abrupt cliffs are the stunning sculptural creation of the nature. Taiyuan Valley is also nicknamed as “Little Tienhsiang” for its special landscape. Crystal clear water rushes through the valley, creating a heavenly space.

Taiyuan Valley is the Formosa macaques’ paradise. They forage in groups at dawn and sunset in the woods, which is an unique scene in Taitung.