Yuchang Highway- Provincial Highway 30 (Yuli-Changbin)

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Posted on : 2016-11-07


Yuchang Highway is officially named Provincial Highway 30 which connects Provincial Highway 11 and Provincial Highway 9. The road width is 9 meters and total length is 16.22 kilometers. It starts from Zhuoxi, Hualien and ends in Changbin, Taitung. It is the only tunnel (2.66 kilometers) that passes through the Coastal Range. It cuts short the journey for passengers to cross the Coastal Range to 90 minutes instead of the original 2 hour ride.

Yuchang Highway allows travelers in Taitung to shorten traveling time from two days to one. There is the renowned Antong Hot Spring at 21K+100 where travelers can alleviate fatigue from long distance driving. The completion of Yuchang Highway has such brought convenience to the North Coastal Area and the East Rift Rally National Scenic Area in Taitung.