Guanshan Town Encircling Bike Trail

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Posted on : 2016-07-27


Rift Valley
Guanshan Train Station
Guanshan Water Park
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Guanshan Bike Trail is the first bike exclusive trail in Taiwan which is 12 kilometers long. The trail goes around Guanshan and is divided into two sections, the Riverside Section and the Mountainside Section. Visitors can walk or bike along the trail and enjoy the scenic countryside.

The Riverside Section passes through Guanshan Water Park. Along the way, buffalos are seen resting aside Hongshi River. The vast rice paddies on both side of the river change colors in different seasons. From green seedlings they turn into to a vast plain of rice, and from fecund harvest they transform into a sea of golden rapeseed flowers. Visitors to Guanshan get to appreciate different looks of the countryside in four seasons.

The trail gradually ascends as it enters the Mountainside Section. At the peak, Sun Moon Pavilion is there to welcome visitors with a refreshing view that overlooks the entire Guanshan Township. Beyond Sun Moon Pavilion, there are swietenia along the way on both sides of the trail, providing passengers with cooling shades.

Guanshan Old Railway Station

Address No.6,Bo’ai Rd.,Guanshan Township,Taitung County

TEL 089-814391

7-11 關山門市

Address 和平路4號4之1號1樓

TEL (089)812792


  • Lavatory
  • Sitting Area
  • Lavatory
  • ATM
  • Sitting Area
  • ibon WiFi
  • Health station
  • City Cafe
  • Ice cream
  • Hot dog
  • Muji
  • ibon


Address 里壟里民族路53-1號

TEL 089814885


  • Lavatory
  • Sitting Area
  • Cafe
  • Roasted Sweet potato
  • Ice cream (Single taste)
  • Vegetables
  • Fami-WiFi
  • Polaroid
  • Sitting area
  • Lavatory


Address 里瓏里民權路1之6號

TEL 089814083


  • Sitting Area
  • Cafe
  • Roasted Sweet potato
  • Waffle
  • Ice cream (Single taste)
  • Fami-WiFi
  • Sitting area


Foldable bicycle

Northbound-No. 651, No. 427 Please check the TRA Bike Trains Website to get the further information.

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