Luye Longtian Bike Trail

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Posted on : 2016-11-07


Rift Valley
Longtian Bike Trail is shaded with leafy trees that create such cozy environment for cyclists. There are also paddies and tea farms in the area which contribute to a diverse landscape of both natural scenery and historic culture.

A number of Japanese architectures are along the trail. The trail also passes through the Tea Research and Extension Station where marvelous tea field locates.

Longtian is also known as “Butterfly’s Hometown”. Follow the butterfly signs on the ground and in road signs during butterfly season. Countless butterflies dance elegantly in mid air, demonstrating such pleasingness wherever they go. The natural scene is truly enchanting.

A bit further down the trail, Luye Gaotai awaits challenge seekers. You can also bike to Luming Suspension Bridge to enjoy hot spring with great view.