Chenggong Sanxiantai Bike Trail

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Posted on : 2016-11-07


Sanxiantai situates in the north of Chenggong Township in Taitung County. It is part of the Tuluanshan volcanics and was originally a headland. Due to erosion of the sea, the neck of the headland was abraded, so Sanxiantai is now separated as an offshore island.

The island emerged after a volcanic eruption. Weirdly-shaped stones are scattered on the island including sea-eroded trenches, potholes, sea-eroded pillars and alcoves.

The most outstanding feature of the island is the mountain peak comprised of three coral reefs. Legend has it that when eight Chinese saints set out on a cross-sea expedition, Li Tie-guai, He Xian-gu and Lu Dong-bin stopped on the island to rest and left behind divine traces. Thus, the island is called Sanxiantai (Three Saint Island).

Sanxiantai is a perfect natural habitat for marine birds. The Pacific reef egrets are spotted in between rocks in the water that is rich in fishing resources. Coastal plants like screwpine, Phoenix dactylifera and Canavalia rosea can be found on the island as well. Sanxiantai is now a nature reserve which is a stronghold of coastal ecology research.